Christmas comes early!
So long, and thanks for all the brine shrimp



dogs will always be better than cats


dogs rule cats drool




Sorry, Anon, but everyone knows it is cats that suck the breath out of sleeping babies, killing them while they sleep.


Men who love cats are mamma's boys.


1. cats are more affectionate than dogs.
2. cats are more hygienic than dogs, dogs just stink.
3. cats are more popular than dogs in the UK, US and most of the world.
4. cats are smarter than dogs and don't say this is not true because it is a fact.
5. cats are so independent, dogs are just like babies and cant do anything for themselves.
6. if you got the strongest cat and the strongest do the cat would win in less than 10 seconds.
7. thousand of dogs have to be put to sleep ever year for attacking people, doesn't sound like mans best friend to me.
8. cats are way more cuter than dogs, did you see the ugliest dog contest that was on GMTV.
9. cats use a litter box dogs use your leg.
10. dogs are so rude they stick there tongue out at you all day


DOGS RULE,n cats are dumber then dogs, they jump out teh window to catch a flyin bird! o yeh dude thts soo smart. o n cats kill other animals, they KILL other animals aka birds,squirals and other cats!! so go n check ur facts buddy


Wow I own both dogs and a cat and here my list of arguements
1.they both sense when somethings wrong but only the dog will comfort you
2.dogs clean themself all the time but they dont have a tounge has a cat and cats smell like litter dogs only smell when they're wet
3.on my stree there is only dogs AND IM NEXT TO THE US 1 hour drive
4.dogs can learn tricks and cats what dont even come when you call their name and yes she knows it she just looks at us
5.maybe if your an lazy @SS and wont help the helpess you wouldn't have a dog or maybe you just want to get fat cause you'll just be a coach tomotao
6.dogs dont kill unless TRAINED too cats kill with intect and i had finding dead animals on my lawn and doorstep cause my cat is "proud" of killing
7.cats and dogs both attack but there has to be a reason for dogs either improper training or abusive owner cat attacked my roommates leg and blood was pouring the dog and the owner was right there and less not forget killing animals too proves you are a coach potatao you watch GMTV for ugliest dogs and there is ugliest cats too probably like really come on
9.dogs use the lawn some can even use the toilet if trained cats are the same have to be trained really its called cooling down would you want to overheat if you didn't have sweatglands and die i wish i could open my mouth and cool down faster
also my cat likes to be indepenent never comes near us or bugs us unless she wants something dogs wait for you and have an internal clock as long as you follow yours they'll be happy and also like to spend time with you


1.) Dogs are WAY more affectionate than cats
2.) Dogs only smell when wet, cats stink permenatly
3.) Dogs are very popular
4.) Dogs are infinatly smarter than cats
5.) Dogs are loyal, cats don't care about you
6.) Dogs have strength, cats rely on their razor claws
7.) Dogs are only vicious if trained to be, cats are just plain mean
8.) Dogs are so much cuter^^ Persians and Rex cats are UGLY
9.) Dogs go outside, cats prefer the carpet
10.) Cats are so rude they ignore you all day

My reply to the delusional psyco with the user name "me"

Emma Green

Dog's are also better because they don't put litter everywhere and never look as dirty as cats do!

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