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Nicecast looks, um, nice

Paul, from Rogue Amoeba, gave me a nice little demo of their newest app. It's Nicecast, and I'm eager to try it out.

A couple of things that really stood out for me are the ability to mix-in a live voiceover (so I can do my best Dr. Johnny Fever imitation) and that it is able to hook into iTunes for playback and playlist management.

I think that's great, no need to learn (or suffer with) another method of managing my music -- just use what I've already got set up. To my mind, that's smart.

PS: I swear, I really am interested in Nicecast. I deny any allegations that I only feigned interest to get them to stamp my "OS X Con Exhibit Passport". (Only 3 more stamps and I can score a free O'Reilly book. Whoo-hoo!)



Nicecast is nice. But can anyone please tell me how to do the voice over? I cant figure it out to save my life. thanks in advance

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