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May 01, 2014



I just downloaded the numerous app today, and I think it is great. I saw where their IFTTT channel launches tomorrow 5.2.14, so it will be interesting to see what I can do with it then. BTW, I think your blog is pretty cool.


FYI I wrote python and ruby API classes for using the NumerousApp API.

Python: pip install numerous
Python3: pip3 install numerous
Ruby: gem install numerousapp

The python version also has a Unix/Linux shell command that can be useful for doing integrations (see https://github.com/outofmbufs/Nappy for details).

Using the python class you can write code like this:

from numerous import Numerous

MyKey = "nmrs_1Wblahblah" # your API key
MyMetric = "5746205777638039629" # ID of a metric

nr = Numerous(apiKey=MyKey)
metric = nr.metric(MyMetric)

print (metric.read())

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