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March 14, 2009


Tad Harrison

I'm also interested in what folks think about NeatReceipts.

A while back, Terry White did a review of NeatReceipts, ScanSnap S300, and ScanSnap S510M: href="http://terrywhite.com/techblog/?p=1121"

The video he provided was very useful in illustrating the speed differences.

Until I'm convinced otherwise, I tell folks that if they can afford the ScanSnap, they should go for it; the others don't even come close. However, the software might just fit into someone else's workflow perfectly, and that would be all it takes.

(I'm still not ready for DevonThink Pro, but it's installed on my machine and its siren song is playing in my ears.)


I have been using NeatReceipts for a little while. I never thought it would be good for multiple page scans (look at it: duh). But the software is pretty cool. It does receipts and invoices and business cards *Very* well. It doesn't have anything to offer other documents though.

The OCR is pretty good, and when the software can't figure out what OCR'd text to put in what db field, it's really easy to teach it. The software for Mac is available separately (not prominently on their site though) and they support the ScanSnap as an alternate scanning mechanism to dump data in their software.

I bought a ScanSnap as well, to do my entire file cabinet backlog, but it's still in the box. When I get some time to try it out, I'll send you a note.

Jim C

I just came across this review that might add a bit of clarity when deciding between scansnap and neatdesk. I ordered the neatdesk for mac and will have it in a few days. Fingers crossed!

Review: http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/whats_neat_about_neatdesk/


I just wanted to check in to see if Jim C and N have any updates to how neatdesk scanner works with DevonThink and compared to the ScanSnap.

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